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Service Teams


At DPW, we believe that business growth is only valuable when it achieves the personal goals of the business owner. Yet every day’s growth brings with it an increase in complexity to the point that it’s easy to lose sight of one’s progress toward their goals.

That’s why we always begin our planning by getting to know where you want to go. Once we know where you want to go, our job is to present you with real-world options of different routes to get there – short- and long-term. Once established, we handle the minutiae of executing your plan.



  • Because the needs of your financial statement users will vary, we scale our solutions to meet your specific needs without needless delay.
  • We work with management to resolve any complex accounting or reporting issues as early as possible in the process.
  • Your financial review will be planned and executed by an experienced team that understands your industry, your business goals, and the needs of the financial statement users.
  • Beyond the immediate needs of your financial summaries, you’ll gain important insights into your operations which result in increased efficiency of their efforts.

APO Services

Timely, reliable monthly financial services for your business

  • Outsourcing your accounting basics with DPW is a cost-effective way to improve performance and meet your reporting requirements.
  • We’ve developed a standardized process for recurring accounting services that offers you a cost-efficient way to produce accurate financial reporting including:
  • Document Accounting Process
  • Review Month-end Close
  • Review Internal Controls
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Prep for Year-end Reporting
  • Whether your business is a start-up, in a growth mode, or in transition; our accounting staff can help meet your accounting needs. By understanding your goals and operating environment we’ll provide practical solutions to the key issues that impact your success. Together, we’ll create the sound financial accounting and reporting that leads to your success.

Payroll Services


  • We help you reduce the time spent on administration through developing and implementing a computerized payroll system that will facilitate processing, timely payment and preparation of tax returns.



  • Be confident navigating through the ever-changing landscape of regulations and requirements with the DPW Tax Prep Team as your guide.
  • We’ll help you improve your federal, state, and local tax liability picture with proven strategies and expertise.
  • And because we know business people are people too, we integrate business tax preparation with your individual income tax preparation.
  • We carry in-depth industry knowledge, seasoned tax experts, and a thorough understanding of your business to minimize liabilities across the board.



  • We take an integrated approach to helping you find your best tax position, bringing your business aims and personal goals into a unified tax strategy.
  • We are recognized experts in SALT requirements and compliance, and can guide you to compliance across your operations.
  • We quickly grasp the distinct situation, needs, and goals of your business, and we develop a comprehensive tax plan to reduce your tax burden and maximize your cash flow.
  • We can provide all related services as needed, or work with your organization’s own professionals – either way, you’ll get detailed planning and analysis.
  • We can also review your existing tax methods and correct them (if needed) to operate as favorably for you as possible.

Specialty Tax Services

Delivering strategies for tax savings

Our professionals draw on a wide range of tools to help organizations and individuals across the U.S. minimize their tax liability and improve profitability. We bring together a highly trained tax team whose members have years of experience delivering strategies for tax savings such as:

  • Cost segregation studies
  • Tangible asset repair regulations planning
  • Research and development (R & D) tax credit studies
  • Tax nexus reviews and sales tax reverse reviews
  • Captive insurance

State and Local Tax (SALT)

Expert guidance for interstate business

Because your business crosses borders, you face over 80,000 state and local tax jurisdictions nationwide, each with its own set of evolving rules and regulations. The maze of these taxes and the impact they can have on a business and a family’s wealth can be overwhelming.

Digital service providers, e-commerce sellers, consumers, as well as buyers and sellers of businesses are still assessing compliance with new economic nexus statutes. For this reason, the guidance of DPW’s SALT team is invaluable.

  • We help you navigate the complex state and local tax filing responsibilities. Along the way, we will identify key financial opportunities.
  • Our SALT accounting team will proactively review your business activity regularly to address nexus, tax exposure, sales sourcing, non-business income, and any similar issues.
  • We’ll keep you informed about credits and incentives you may be able to take advantage of in the states where you do business.



  • Our consultations are based on a thorough understanding of your business and personal goals. Our recommendations form actionable and realistic paths for opportunities and improvement.
  • We perform studies and analyses to maximize your ability to capitalize on opportunities, improve profitability. We ensure your current accounting method serves your goals as well as they should.
  • We help you identify opportunities for growth which safeguard your assets from tax liabilities even as they offer increased earnings.


While every CPA firm can handle your personal or business accounting needs, at DPW we merge both aspects of our clients life; knowing that business goals should be integrated with personal goals. We aim your business goals at your personal goal target.

Naturally, this changes the way we work with people. Instead of merely filling out forms, we have to take a longer view, something most CPA firms can’t do. Serving the entire financial person takes a blend of skills unique to DPW.

We can show you how to build a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be. And after all, that’s the point of owning a business.

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DPW is a full-service CPA firm serving the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re looking for personal or business services we’ve got a team ready to help. Call 503-362-9152 or email.

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