Online Payment Options

Doty Pruett Wilson offers 3 quick and easy online payment options.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Pay your invoice online with our bank-transfer payment option. Transfer funds directly from your bank with no additional fees.

Credit Card

Pay your invoice online with our credit card payment option. There is a 3% processing fee for credit cards.
(Debit cards are not accepted)

Monthly Payment Plan

Our payment partner, QuickFee, offers an easy way for you to spread the payments of your invoice over over 3 to 12 monthly payments. (Minimum balance of $2,000 required to enroll)

How QuickFee Payment Plans Help:

  • Smooths your cash flow.
  • Keeps working capital in your business for other purposes.
  • Access an additional line of credit without a formal application process.
  • No security required.
  • No early payout fees.
  • Obtain the additional services you need to grow your business.
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