We aspire to be your trusted guide, your collaborator, your ally, and your loyal supporter.

DPW provides a unique client experience based on a philosophy of service that goes beyond books and accounting. We’ve built an elite team who develop and serve remarkable clients. Each member is empowered to succeed through a culture renowned for camaraderie, teamwork, unity, and excellence. We at DPW embrace generosity, our communities and these core values:


We keep commitments, to each other and to our clients. We give honest answers to each other and our clients. We make sure our motives are client-oriented without regard to personal or professional gain.


We earn the trust of each other and of clients through the basics of competence, commitment, clarity, and consistency. These qualities, repeated on a daily basis, bring us the loyalty of our clients.


We’ve gathered people who derive personal satisfaction from over-delivering on every project. And sure enough, giving more than what is merely “required” is central to our success.


We strive to serve both those around us and those for whom we work. Our leadership undertakes the responsibility to provide vision, direction, and to invest in developing our people


Attention to detail, on time every time – and exactly as promised, up-to-current compliance, coupled with tax planning counsel, persistence to solve problems, relevant advice and services that yield strong client trust.


Pursue value-adding innovation, seek life-long learning and embrace positive change


We implement unity in all work relationships and shape our efforts toward a unified direction, collaborations, expectations and active mutual support.

Our Team

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