Tax planning for
Big Shots. Like you.

Tax planning
for Big Shots.
Like you.

The tax codes actually help businesses like yours thrive. When you know taxes like DPW.

Tax Planning and Strategy is more than just being in control and staying one step ahead, it’s a discipline that makes the tax code work for you. That's the highest level of services we provide to small and large businesses alike. We first learn everything we can about your business, and your goals – personal and professional. As you grow, you’ll have made the most of upcoming tax issues. Just like the Big Shots do.
Six of our client’s most common concerns are:

Tax Planning and Cash Flow Management

Business owners can get blindsided by their tax bills, drawing off their company’s cash reserve, risking debt obligations, and payroll. Accurately determining in advance your tax obligations and coordinating with your cash flow eliminates uncertainty and ensures you won’t be caught by surprise. And because we’re with you every step of the way, we’re always monitoring changing tax law, updating you and your planning accordingly.

Tax Planning for Your Business Entity

We make sure the type of entity through which you are doing business is still the best option for you. As tax laws change, and as your business expands or contracts, we make sure you’re in the best business type(s) to minimize your tax burden. We make certain the bookkeeping methods used are appropriate for that business entity and conform to tax laws.

Growth, Expansion, and Planning

An expanding business can take any number of forms, each offering the owner different outcomes. We’ll learn your goals – personal and professional, giving us the ability to offer several alternate strategies for your growth and the tax ramifications of each option. We take an integrated approach bringing your personal and business goals into a unified tax strategy.

Retirement and Succession

Continuously building, managing, and preserving a family’s wealth takes a blend of skills and service capabilities. We minimize your tax liabilities while coordinating every other aspect of Estate and Trust strategy. We explore gifting, different ways to protect and transfer assets, and safeguarding your legacy, all while reducing your estate tax burden.

Estate Planning and Taxation

Approaching retirement means transferring the business ownership to a relative or selling the operation. The tax consequences of this transfer can be long-lasting and must be carefully structured to protect your wealth as the years go by. We show you options for transferring your business and their tax ramifications so you’ll know the best way to proceed.

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DPW, Doty Pruett Wilson, PC - CPA firm. DPW Industry team members
DPW, Doty Pruett Wilson, PC - CPA firm. DPW Industry team members

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DPW is a full-service CPA firm serving the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re looking for personal or business services we’ve got a team ready to help.

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