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Corporate Coffee of Oregon was created in 2011. Five business leaders met in the Corporate Boardroom at US Bank Ladd & Bush in Salem, Oregon looking to create a meeting opportunity where discussion would focus on positive comments and business productivity. It was also suggested that political conversation would not be an agenda item nor would the gathering be a format for negative discussion.

The format consists of a short intro by each attendee followed by their productive/positive statement. Introductions were followed by a speaker presenting a positive message. Each attendee is asked to contribute money to pay for their coffee.

Corporate Coffee now averages forty attendees per month and often has to create a waiting list. Now in its fifth year, Corporate Coffee of Oregon continues to present motivational speakers for business leaders in a professional environment.  Each meeting represents the continued conviction that 21 century productivity can be achieved by a positive attitude and a cup of coffee.

Email to be added to the mailing list. Corporate Coffee of Oregon traditionally meets on a Thursday each month at 7:30 a.m.

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