Lilly Davidson
Lilly is a student at Corban University, studying Business Accounting and Marketing. She began working for Doty Pruett Wilson, PC in October of 2016 where she worked her way into an internship position for that following tax season. Now she is learning on a daily basis and gaining more experience to prepare her for her professional career after college. In high school Lilly was highly involved in her favorite sports, soccer and swimming, as well as within her church. She first became interested in business after attending a Young Entrepreneurs Business Week camp at the University of Oregon, where she and her team had to develop a product and sell it to a board of investors. She was very involved with the numbers side of things and found it challenging and exciting!
After high school Lilly married her loving husband Ryan and began her journey as an Army wife, as well as a new college student. At Corban University she is involved with their Student Event Team, and performs many “real-world” projects in her classes. She also participates in many school events with her husband and friends. In her free time she enjoys spending family time with her husband, as well as playing and cuddling with her puppy Gunner. The two love the outdoors and camping, motorcycle rides, playing at the sand dunes with their quads, and going wakeboarding at Detroit lake during the summer. Lilly also loves spending quality time with friends over coffee, and gardening or crafting at home.
Favorite Quote
“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward… just take the next step!”
Corban University – B.S. Business Marketing and Accounting (Graduating in 2019)