Doug Doty
Partner, CPA
Doug attended Western Baptist Bible College (now Corban University) and Portland State University. He entered the field of public accounting in 1972. He worked with a large accounting firm for almost 10 years and gained valuable experience. Doug found he had a knack for counseling clients on tax strategies and teaching them to understand their own financial challenges and opportunities. Feeling he could offer clients more time and attention in his own firm, he started Douglas W. Doty, CPA, PC, with a staff consisting of one bookkeeper and himself, at an office on Market Street in Salem, Oregon. In 1999 the company moved to 1515 Liberty Street SE. In December 2014, Doty Pruett Wilson moved to it’s new home at 447 State Street in downtown Salem.

Since opening his business, Doug has established himself as a dynamic member of the community, and is respected both locally and statewide for his knowledge of how to apply appropriate tax strategies and corporate structures to companies. The firm has a belief that CPA’s should know their clients; if you just drop off your taxes once a year you are not getting the most from your relationship and the expertise your accountant can provide. He believes in a proactive approach to accounting. Doty & Company works with every type of client from start-up companies to businesses who need help with the challenges presented by the recession and even some who come to him trying to cope with serious problems like bankruptcy or embezzlement. He has found that understanding a client’s situation and stepping in to help in times of need is what sets his firm apart.
Corban University
Portland State University